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Happiness LingZhi Hamper
Happiness LingZhi Hamper
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S02 Abundant of Joy
S02 Abundant of Joy
1.Hai-O Zhong Guo Yan Ming Jiu 2.Zan Energy Drink 3.Herby Soy Grains Powder 4.Hai-O Bird's Nest With American Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar 5.Xuebolong Black Sesame Paste 6.Healthy Mixed Nuts 7.Hai-O Cordyceps Flower Soup Pack 8.Herby Seaweed Drink
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T01 Long Life & Prosper
T01 Long Life & Prosper
1.Ma Bang Zhuan Cha 2.Foluohua Guanyintie 3.Puer Tea 4.Hai-O Tie Guan Yin 5.Hai-O Ginseng Flower Essence Tea
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B02 Expanding Business
B02 Expanding Business
1.Herby Natural Carrot Apple Vinegar 2.Foluohua Guanyintie 3.Dried Abalone Slice 4.Hai-O Selected Dried Mushroom 5.Xuebolong Black Sesame Paste 6.Hai-O Cordyceps Flower Soup Pack 7.Herby Soy Grains Powder 8.American Ginseng Candy 9.Healthy Mixed Nuts 10.Organic Chia Seed Cookies
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Min Kaffe
Min Kaffe
Min Kaffe not only has a unique aroma from Robusta coffee bean to satisfy the senses of coffee lover, but is also enriched with nutrient values of magnesium from natural bamboo salt originated from Korea, which promotes iron absorption and utilization.
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Ngau Wong Gaai Duk Pin 牛黄解毒片
Ngau Wong Gaai Duk Pin 牛黄解毒片
Traditionally used to clear away heat expel, wind and relief pain in the gums & sore throat.
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Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan (concentrated pills)
Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan (concentrated pills)
Traditionally used to promote blood circulation & regulate menstruation.
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