Collagen Bird’s Nest Drink (180ml)


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The water soluble protein of bird’s nest contains both Mitogenic Stimulation Factor and Epidermic Growth Factor which can:

– Enhance the rebirth of cells, reinforce the immune system.
– Restore energy and stamina.
– Fortify human body’s tolerance towards the damage done by X-rays of other radioactive treatments.
– Boost heart functions.
– Supply heat energy to human’s body.

Bird’s nest has become more and more popular over these years.
Lot of people see it as health enhancing food.
It also promote growth of children, accelerate recovery from illness and after giving birth.

From a nutrition point of view, bird’s nest contains:

– 60% proteins (water soluble proteins) and several amino acids.
– 10% water content.
– 30% of cellulose, carbohydrates, a little fat and various mineral such as calcium, sulphide, pottassium, phosphor and iodine.

Bird’s nest can be taken by people of any age of gender:

– Pregnant woman (during pregnancy): Help promote the brain growth of the fetus.
– Pregnant woman (giving birth) :speed up recovery of body shape and bring back beauty.
– Children: Improve immune system , facilitate healthy growth of body and brain.
– Adolescents: Accelerate metabolism, strengthen the body functions. Giving fine and fair skin.
– Tension, workload fatigue : Relieve tiredness and alleviate pressure.
– Weakness after illness, asthma patient: Regain energy and strength, improve immune system and smooth breathing.
– People suffering sleep disorder and having hot body characteristic: Dissipate intestinal heat, moisten lung.

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