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Aged Narcissus Tea (20 Years Aged Tea) – Wuyi Narcissus is a famous tea in history and one of the two varieties of Oolong tea in northern Fujian. Narcissus is a name of Wuyishan tea species, and Wuyi Narcissus is named after the species. There is a saying in the Wuyishan tea area that “mellow is not daffodils but cinnamon”. The biggest feature of narcissus is the mellow taste of tea soup.

Due to its unique natural environment, Wuyi Mountain has gradually improved the quality of narcissus. Nowadays, the crown of the tree is tall and wide and the leaves are thick, and the tea shape is fat and tight with a bright color. After brewing, the fragrance contains orchid leaves and the soup is dark and orange. Soaked with yellow and bright cinnabar edges at the bottom of the leaf, it is a traditional treasure of Wuyi Rock Tea.

陈年水仙 (20年陈茶) – 武夷水仙为历史名茶,是闽北乌龙茶中的两个品种之一。水仙是武夷山茶树品种的一个名称,武夷水仙就是以品种命名的。武夷山茶区素有“醇不过水仙,香不过肉桂”的说法。水仙最大的特点就是茶汤滋味醇厚 。


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