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In Chinese, Cordyceps literally means “winter worm, summer grass.” Actually, Cordyceps sinensis are parasites on the stroma or carcasses of the moth of green bat. In spring and summer, the sporophore (grass) grows like a dark stalk from the head of the larva (worm) which is brownish when dried.

Every spring, the herb master gathers Cordyceps before the winter snow melts which are then cleaned, dried and processed. High quality Cordyceps are processed through premium selection and packaging.

Cordyceps is well known for its multiple purpose and considered as one of the top 4 main types of health products among Ginseng, Bird’s nest and Antelope.

Cordyceps has always been used to improve stamina and vital energy.

Recently, Cordyceps had attracted international attention. In 1992, the Chinese woman athletes team, “Ma Jia Jun” conquered 6 medals in the world track and field competition and set the new world records.

The secret to their success was that they consumed the natural tonic of Cordyceps.

Cordyceps is a valuable herb used to improve and maintain good health. It is sweet in taste, warm in nature attribute to lung and kidney channels. Cordyceps is also a good tonic beneficial for: appetite loss, Arrhythmia ageing, anxiety, energy, fatigue, heart, kidney lungs, liver, detoxifier, stamina, hair loss, sleeping problems and blood circulation.

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