Luzhou Guojiao Nat. Cellar 1573 (52%)


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【Ingredients 】
Water, Sorghum, Wheat

【Characteristics 】
Using the highest quality and pure distilled wine,
the traditional brewing techniques are limited to the “word of heart”
between the master and apprentice, the unique flavor style,
the natural conservation wine hole is conducive in maintaining the balance of
Yin and Yang

【Palate 】
Type: Strong fragrance
Fragrance fully occupied inside with a light taste of wine,
you can fill the strong and rich fragrance blooms Soft and delicate, no dry mouth.

Alcohol : 52%

Additional Information

Weight 1430 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 31 cm

(500ml x 1bottle) + (wine dispenser x 1's)

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