Organic SOD Pu-Er Tea


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SOD Acid-Resistant Pu’er Tea is also known as the “Tea of Youth”. It is rich in SOD antioxidants required for the human body, making people feel youthful and vibrant.

Apart from the enjoyment of Pu’er tea, it also makes you more energetic. The SOD Acid-Resistant Pu’er Tea is mild, free of caffeine, colourings, additives and preservatives, it is a 100% pure natural beverage. It is suitable for all ages, and can be consumed at any given time and in any quantity. Those on medication should only consume it 1 1/2 hours after taking their medication.


Method Of Preparation:

• Each tea bag can brew with about 200ml of hot water, brewing can be repeated several times.

• For better results, drink at least two sachets daily.

• Sugar, milk, honey or lemon can be added for flavor.


Other Uses:

• Cooking soup and dishes with tea leaves will enhance the deliciousness.

• Bathing with the tea leaves can improve skin texture.

• Apply used tea leaves as fertilizer to nourish potted plants for lushness and greenness.


SOD Acid-Resistant Pu’er tea has 50 times more antioxidants than regular green teas.

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Weight 380 g

5gm x 30 Tea Bags