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General-Health Supplements >> Honbo Bio BPC 康堡稳压宝
Honbo Bio BPC 康堡稳压宝
Honbo Bio BPC 康堡稳压宝
S.K.U : 00580009
Price : RM89.60
Size : 440mg X 60's
Min. Quantity : 1
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Honbo BPC is an all-herbal medicinal product.

It uses 13 types of herbal medicine such as Abalone Shell (concha haliotidis), Cassia Seed (semen cassiae tora), Oyster (concha ostreae), Earthworm (pheretima), Uncaria, Gastrodia, Loranthaceae, Eucommia, Caulis Polygoni Multiflori, Crude White Peony Root, Asparagus, Chinaberry Fruit (Fructus Toosendan) and Cordyceps Sinensis, it is manufactured through an extraction production method, maintaining the effective essences of the herbal ingredients.


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