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Medicated Tonic >> Mei Kuei Lu Chiew 玫瑰露酒
Mei Kuei Lu Chiew  玫瑰露酒
Mei Kuei Lu Chiew 玫瑰露酒
S.K.U : 00800068
Price : RM43.20
Size : 560ml
Min. Quantity : 1
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Rose is not only admired for its beauty and romantic association, but also can be made into a tempting wine when brewed together with Chinese sorghum and cane sugar.

Golden Bell Mei Gui Lu Chiew (Rose Wine) is aromatic and rich.

It is traditionally paired with sausage, dried meat, cooked, stewed,steamed cuisine and is an ideal component with fruit juices to make a tasty cocktail.

Alcohol Level: 49%

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