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Drinking Wine >> Hai-O Original Ginger Liqueur
Hai-O Original Ginger Liqueur
Hai-O Original Ginger Liqueur
S.K.U : WM000078
Price : RM56.50
Size : 700ml
Min. Quantity : 1
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Hai-O Original Ginger Liqueur is blended and compounded using traditional technology to give a superior quality and an original taste.

It is formulated from fresh matured ginger. No additives or preservatives are added. This product is processed naturally.

Sediment at the bottom are water-soluble fibres and does not affect consumption.

This product uses 100% fresh matured Bentong ginger, it can be used as cooking cuisine. Traditionally a good post-natal remedy for women.

IngredientsFresh matured Bentong ginger

Direction: Ideal as a daily dosage intake of 10-30 ml

Content700 ml



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