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General-Health Supplements >> ToxOut 多奥
ToxOut 多奥
ToxOut 多奥
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Size : 11g X 15's
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1.      Prebiotics (preferred over Probiotics) boost the population growth of Good Bacteria in 6 seconds after ingestion and reached to the colon.

2.      Prebiotics (preferred over Probiotics) boost the population growth of Good Bacteria and multiply by 100 times in 2 short weeks continuously ingestion.

3.      What is the function of Bifidobacteria:

• Bifidobacteria assist to produce Lactic & Acetic Acids that turn the colon to pH4.2 and kills invading microbes.

• Synthesize important proteins,minerals, vitamins (inc. B6 & B12)

• Neutralizes all the mutants, bad bacteria & free radicals.



4.      Fiber especially oil palm fiber is a balanced soluble & insoluble fiber. It helps to cleanse the colon by eliminating and neutralizing toxins, excessive mucus & congestions from the body, also help degestive system to function smoothly.



5.      When the colon is healthy - it allows the liver to flush its toxins - the blood is then purified as liver function improves - better enzymes secrection and this helps body to absorb nutrients better by the intestines.

• Synthesize Vitamins like B Complex - also enhance the absorption of  minerals (for Healing)

• Strenghtens the immune system

• Supply & utilization of oxygen greatly increases - thus overall.


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