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【十年明】红标 46% (700ML)

RM 498.00

A blended whisky, the third whisky made in 2019. It was made by Takahiko Inagaki, the director and chief blender of Saburomaru. Saburomaru Distillery has been producing whisky, especially smoked whisky, since 1952. Combining years of blending techniques, it is carefully blended with more than 50% of the heavily peated malt whisky from its own distillery, and mixed with about half of its own malt whisky. This ten-year-old red label was even awarded a gold medal by the jury in the International Spirits Competition ISC2020 Japanese Blends No Age Statement.

Junenmyo is a rare peated whisky in Japan, with flavors of smoked dried fruit, pear, root beer, creamy wood, coffee, ginger and cloves, pepper, salty and earthy notes. It has elegant and obvious notes of smoke and sweet malt. When you smell it, you will be mistaken for single malt whisky by the aroma full of sweet malt, because the malt whisky ratio is very high!

The peat ash in the mouthfeel is very obvious, and it is full of chewy texture like cereal bread. The finish is medium-long, uncomplicated but very comfortable, with spice bread and full of spices. Just like the ten-year-old oil lamp, it is simple but just right to warm the heart of the drinker.

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