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  • ToxOut 多奥

    An essential substance needed by human body - Dietary Fiber Dietary Fiber is an essential content of health food; its benefits human body in the following ways: 1. Maintain healthy digestives system. 2. Clean wall of digestive tract and improve digestive function.

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  • Hai-O Original Ginger Liqueur

    Hai-O Original Ginger Liqueur uses 100% fresh matured Bentong ginger, it can be used as cooking cuisine. Traditionally a good post-natal remedy for women.

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  • HaiZhiLan (Oceanic Blue) 海之蓝

    Yanghe spirit Classic series is our mid end products. We employ centuries-old fermentation techniques to create the traditional sweet, mild, soft, clean and fragrant Yanghe flavors, upon which they build a unique mellowness and quiet elegance.

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  • MengZhiLan (Dream Blue) M3 梦之蓝M3

    MengZhiLan is strong but not overpowering, gentle but not weak. The taste, bountiful and harmonious, unfolds slowly and ends with a clean finish. The flavor is exquisite and mellow with a long aftertaste. It is truly a masterpiece of Chinese mellow liquor.

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