A11 Treasure Harmony

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A11 Treasure Harmony

Zhen-G Health Tonic- 750ml
Dried Abalone Slice- 76g
Zan Purple Great Multi-Grain Cereal- 25g x 16’s
Hai-O Bird’s Nest With American Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar- 6’s x 70g
New Moon Braised King Top Shell In Abalone Sauce- 425g
Herby Black Series Comprehensive Meal- 30g x 10’s
Hai-O American Ginseng Soup- 100g
Hai-O Premium Fat Choy- 8g
Dried Peach And Dried Honey Lemon Slice- 50g x 2’s
Sarangyan Chicken Curry Sauce- 200g

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