B2 Hai-O Blooming Hamper

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猫须草茶        MISAI KUCING TEA  2Gx30’S

红糖姜茶        GINGER TEA  10Gx12 packs

灵芝颗粒冲剂            GLOSSY GANODERMA HERBAL BEVERAGE       15Gx12 packs

茉莉玫瑰红茶            JASMINE ROSE FLOWER TEA         2.5Gx10 packs

鲍鱼汁            ABALONE SAUCE     380G

金丝皇菊        CHRYSANTHEMUM  3Gx12packs

桂圆红枣雪耳冰糖燕窝        BIRD’S NEST WITH WHITE FUNGUS, LONGAN, RED DATES & ROCK SUGAR           70MLx6 btls


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