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Hai-O bamboo salt uses 100% organic sun-dried salt as its raw material. This natural salt is made of energy seawater generated by the vast underground ore cluster at Yeonpyeong Island and Hyeongjun Peninsular, West Coast of Korea. Hai-O Bamboo Salt Premier is rich in minerals (such as magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and zinc) and contains more than 200 types of trace elements, which not only enrich the nutritional value but also make meals healthier and tastier.

Would Hai-O Bamboo Salt Premier Cooking Salt Powder affect the taste of foods?
No, it would not. Hai-O Bamboo Salt Premier Cooking Salt Powder can even further enrich the nutritional value of food.

Between Hai-O Bamboo Salt and sea salt, which one is better?
The natural ingredient of Hai-O Bamboo Salt is 100% organic sun-dried salt from Korea. The natural salt is poured into a 3-year old bamboo tube and sealed with unpolluted yellow clay. Sealed bamboo tube will be incinerated in kiln with pine firewood to melt and harden the natural salt into a column, as well as to neutralize and remove harmful materials such as heavy metals or impurities. After the burning process, the salt is enriched by essence of pine woods (such as turpentine and pine oil) and bamboo (200 types of essential trace elements) with inorganic metal ions such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper, iron and zinc which are essential for human body. Therefore, nutritional value of Hai-O Bamboo Salt is better than sea salt.

Should I stop taking any salt since regular salt is unhealthy?
Salt is one of the essential minerals for our body to maintain normal growth, regulate in vivo water distribution, maintain intra- and extracellular osmotic pressure, synthesize gastric acid, promote gastric acid secretion and improve appetite. It also ensures the acidity and alkalinity necessary for pepsin to play its role, maintains acid-base balance and circulation of body fluid. Hai-O Bamboo Salt does not contain any additive, heavy metals and chemical substance but is rich in minerals and trace elements; therefore Hai-O Bamboo Salt is the ideal replacement for regular salt to maintain a healthy body.

Is extra Hai-O Bamboo Salt needed in cooking to make the dish tasty?
No, it is not necessary because the saltiness of Hai-O Bamboo Salt is the same as regular salt.

Will high-temperature cooking destroy nutrients in Hai-O Bamboo Salt?
No, it will not.

Main Ingredient: Bamboo Salt

Ingredient Efficacy

  • Removes toxins (such as heavy metals, chemical substances, germs, metabolic wastes, acid toxicity, free radicals).
  • Enhances intestinal peristalsis and eliminates sedimentary waste.
  • Provides minerals and trace elements.
  • Regulates biological mechanisms and body systems.
  • Regulates acid-base balance and restores body alkalinity.
  • Improves restorative capacity.

Use Direction

Use adequate Hai-O Bamboo Salt Premier Cooking Salt Powder for regular cooking.

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