Fen Jiu (Porcelain Bottle)


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As one of the old and famous liquor in our country, Fen Chiew has a history of more than one thousand five hundred years according to an ancient book, Before 1949 it had been awarded medals and certificates of merit for nine times in large-scale contest meetings at home and abroad, Fen Chiew has been well-known for the good brewery in the world since it won Frade A Gold Medal on Panama Fair in 1915. It has also been assessed the national famous liquor-appraisal meetings from the first to the fifth session. Meanwhile, it got the National High-Quality Gold Medals in 1980 and 1984 awarded by the State Council.

With a distinct and special style formed during its long history Fen Chiew looks glittering and transparent, tastes fragrant and sweet, pure and freshening and has a lasting fragrance. It is typical representative of the Chinese fragrant liquor.

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