A15 Golden Harvest

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1              Louis Royer VSOP             700ml

2              人月牌佛跳墙  New Moon Buddha Jump Over Wall         400g

3              海鸥泡参雪耳冰糖燕窝              Hai-O Bird’s Nest With American Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar     6x70g

4              御康谷宝养生餐             Herby Natural Nutriments Meal 300g

5              海鸥得其三味鸡精        Hai-O Essence Of Chicken             3x70g

6              海鸥特选茶花菇             Hai-O Selected Dried Mushroom               180gm

7              海鸥黄金双宝红枣夹核桃         Hai-O Walnut In Jujube 20g x 12s

8              海鸥虫草花滋补汤        Hai-O Cordyceps Flower Soup Pack           100g

9              海鸥特选花胶  Hai-O Selected Fish Maw              68g

10           礼篮包装和装饰             Packing & Decorative Fees

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