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The wine was made of best rose flower and grape in china, with advanced techniques. It is clarity and has full-bodied rose smell, endowed with pleasant flower fragrance and fruit flowe,enabling the drinker to experience romance totally different from others.

Golden Star Brand Mei Kuei Lu Chiew is made of golden Golden Star Brand Kao Liang Chiew with the admixture of distilled fresh rose of a variety over 800 meter above sea level by the traditional method. Brewed with traditional know-how, the Mei Kuei Lu Chiew merges the fresh and fragrant rose flower with the tasty and heavy “Golden Star” kaoliang spirit as if with divine workmanship. Mei Kuei Lu Chiew its unique prominence among Chinese wines thanks to its intense rose fragrance, full-bodied alcohol ingredient and unique taste. It is charming and gentle at times, graceful and noble at others and carries a heroic air, deserving the little of an ever-blooming queen of flowers in the Chinese liquor culture.

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