Herby Natural Carrot Apple Vinegar


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Perfect choice for beauty

Herby Carrot Apple Vinegar is one of nature’s best slimming secrets for perfect beauty. Its anti bacterial property helps to cleanse our intestinal systems promote fiber absorption and relieve constipation. It also helps to excrete toxins, thereby restoring a healthier, energetic body system. A cup a day, get rids of fat everyday.

Many people nowadays have all kinds of illness, this is due to poor daily food intake. We over consume rich food and junk food such as animal fats and proteins, sugar and salty products and fast food. All these food items will then turn our body into an acid tank.

Smoking and alcohol indulgence, environmental pollutants, stress etc can further compound the build-up of acids and toxins.

In an acidic state, our body is less able to absorb food nutrients. It decreases our body’s ability to detoxify.

Our immune system, if prolonged, can lead to all kinds of degenerative illnesses.

A healthy body is slightly alkaline in pH. Taking vinegar is the fastest and most effective way to balance our body’s pH, apart from taking green vegetables and fruits.

Natural health vinegar is able to enhance digestion, promote blood circulation and activate cell regeneration.

Benefits of Vinegar:

Improve immune system

-Vinegar can help cell regeneration, balance blood pH and increase resistance to illnesses

Variety of nutrients
-Vinegar is full of vitamins, minerals enzymes, water dissolved fibers, antioxidant, essential amino acids and more to strengthen the body.

Balanced body’s alkaline
-Vinegar helps to improve immune system, prevent obesity, improve appetite, and relieve constipation.

Keeps you stay active and alert
-Vinegar helps to revitalize and rejuvenate your health and keeps you mentally sharp and alert all the time to face challenges.

Soothing the stomach
-Vinegar will not attack your stomach. The natural vinegar helps the stomach to perform digestion and keeps you away from digestive problem.

Herby Natural Vinegar, Your Daily Natural Goodness
Herby Natural Vinegar is 100% naturally fermented with no added artificial flavoring, coloring or chemicals ingredients. It is fermented naturally for a long period of time and contains rich amount of acetous bacteria which is easily absorbed by our body.

Herby Natural Vinegar is made from organic brown rich fruit, vegetables, yeast and fructose. It goes through a careful natural fermentation process to ensure good quality of vinegar produced. A great taste of fruit and vegetable also enhance the aroma and taste of the vinegar.

Herby Natural Vinegar is 8 times concentrated and you can dilute with water at 8:1 ration or mix according to taste. It is a healthy way of getting your daily needs of nutrition.

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