Kavalan Solist Single Malt Whisky (Sherry Cask)


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The Mists of Kavalan

In ancient times,the land around Yilan was called Kavalan,a mysterious land that was solely inhabited by the indigenous people of the Kavalan clan.The name was officially recognized by the Emperor of the Chin dynasty in the year of 1809 when the original city was also built under the same name.

Kavalan had always been kept primitive and protected from the outside world by the Syue-shan mountain range which is abundant in high quality natural water that comes from deep within the mountain range.The mists of Kavalan and the spirits of the past have been created for you in this exquisite whisky.

Tasting Notes
Colour – dark and mouth-watering raisin.
Nose – clean and complex with multi-layers of dried fruit,nuttiness and spices with some marzipan and vanila touches to it as well.
Palate – rich,oily and full with pleasant dried fruit and spices that linger on in the mouth plus a hint of fine coffee .

“The King Car Distillery-Making Spirits Seriously”

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