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(New Moon) Braised King Top Shell In Abalone Sauce (+) Imperial Braised Abalone
A05 Harvest Singing
RM210.00 RM195.30
A06 Fruitful Joy
RM249.00 RM231.57
A07 Prosperity Delight
RM268.00 RM249.24
A08 Guardian of Luck
RM296.00 RM275.28
A09 Wealth Paradise
RM311.55 RM308.20
A10 Blossom Delight
RM353.00 RM328.29
A11 Treasure Harmony
RM383.00 RM356.19
A12 Completion of Joyful
RM399.00 RM371.07
A13 Wealth Enjoyment
RM430.00 RM399.90
A14 Infinity Luck
RM436.00 RM405.48
A15 Lucky Arrival
RM536.00 RM498.48
A16 Continuous Wealth
RM599.00 RM557.07
A17 Peaceful Season
RM689.00 RM640.77
A18 Majestic Splendour
RM860.00 RM799.80
A19 Lucky Bonanza
RM1,833.00 RM1,704.69