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3.8 Women's Day Special 1

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HAI-O Imperial Instant Bird’s Nest (3's x 70g)

Hai-O Imperial Instant Bird’s Nest is made from the finest quality bird’s nest. It is more concentrated, pure and better in quality.

Bird’s Nest contains good sources of protein and cell reproduction factors that are essential to the human body. Regular consumption helps to slow down ageing and maintain a good complexion.

Once open, please consume immediately.

Bird’s Nest, Rock Sugar Solution, Purified Water.

Keep in cool & dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

HERBY Natural Carrot Apple Vinegar (400ml)

Herby Natural Carrot Apple Vinegar helps to promote fibre absorption and improve digestion problem.

Organic Brown Rice, Apple, Carrot, Yeast, Fructose.

This product is naturally brewed, there will be retention of partial fruit pulp and fibre. When kept for a long period of time, sediments can be found, this is a natural phenomenon, please shake well before use.

Suggested Serving:
Dilute with water at an 8:1 ratio or mix according to personal preference. Please store in cool environment or refrigerator.

ZAN Rose Flower Tea (10's x 2.5g)

Put one teabag of Rose Flower Tea into a cup, pour in 200-250ml of hot water, wait 2-3 minutes before serving.

Rose, Jasmine, Fructus Lycii, Osmanthus Fragrans, Black Tea.


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