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HERBY 5 Soy Grains Powder (13's)

Heilongjiang soybeans are selected as the main raw material, and the traditional Chinese soybean milk processing technology is combined with modern technology. It tastes sweet and contains dietary fibre.

RM 19.30

Herby Brand's Soy Grains Powder uses Heilong Jiang soybeans as the main raw material. This traditional soybean powder is a product of a perfect combination of China traditional processing technology and advanced technology, using deodorization and residue removal technology, ultra-temperature for sterilization, taste sweet and contains dietary fibre.

Take a sachet of Herby Soy Grains Powder each time, add in 180ml (65°C-80°C) warm water, stir until it's mixed well and ready to serve.

Quality soybeans, maltose syrup, sugar, wheat, corn, red beans, oats.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

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