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HAI-O Lian Hua Cool Burst

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In view of the "person-to-person" transmission path of the new Coronavirus, the best protective measure is to wear a mask scientifically to prevent droplets from entering the mouth and nose. In order to solve the problems of stuffiness and breathing difficulties while wearing a mask, Lianhua Qingwen cool-burst is a mask coolant and freshener, which is a good partner for protective masks to refresh the mind and breath! It relieves the prevalent discomforts and other common effects associated with frequent and extended mask use. Its unique composition of Asian Peppermint essential oil cools the air under the mask, relieving the stuffy and congested symptoms associated with wearing masks. It also has the effect of relieving anxiety and stress, because of the patchouli essential oil it contains.

Wash your hands and take out 2 beads of Lianhua Cool Burst. Place the Lianhua Cool Burst on the mask and adjust their positions according to personal preference. Pinch to open the beads until they burst to fuse the essential oil into the mask and lasts for approximately 4 hours. Use cautiously if you are allergic to peppermint and patchouli.

Keep away from children and pregnant women, avoid contact with eyes, and not to be taken orally.

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