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洋河蓝色经典 梦之蓝水晶版 M3 (52度) 550ML
RM 759.00

The magic of dreams radiates hues of blue — the essence of MengZhiLan is the Chinese dream. Alive and unique, it is the dream of an individual, a nation, a country. It seeks to surpass, lead and improve; it embodies tranquility, tolerance and gentleness.

MengZhiLan is our high-end products, and is oriented towards the elite pinnacle of the liquor market. With its classic characteristics, MengZhiLan is our salute to Chinese distilling craftmanship, culture and history.

Carrying on traditional craftmanship and distilling techniques from ancient Yanghe, we use base liqour stored for centuries underground as flavoring, strictly controlling every step of the production process. MengZhiLan is strong but not overpowering, gentle but not weak. The taste, bountiful and harmonious, unfolds slowly and ends with a clean finish. The flavor is exquisite and mellow with a long aftertaste. It is truly a masterpiece of Chinese mellow liquor.


Alcohol: 52%

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