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BTC Disposable Medical Mask (Kids) (50's)

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Method of use:
- Open the package,take out the mask, hold bothends of the mask, with the nose bar facing upwards.
- The mask covers the mouth, nose and mandible, and the ear belt is placed behind the ear.
- Adjust the bridge of the nose to fit it with the bridge of the nose.
- Properly adjust the position of the mask to make it comfortable to wear,
- Wear correctly according to the marks on the fronand back. Do not touch the inside of the mask with your hands.

- Please read the instructions carefully to avoid touching the inner layer of the mouth with your hands.
- Non-sterile masks are not used in areas with strict microbiological index control.
- Please check the packaging before use. If the package is damaged, it is prohibited to use.
- This product is for one-time use and must not be reused.
- When liquid spraying occurs, the mask is damaged, damp, and the breathing resistance is obviously increased, please replace it in time.
- After the product is used, it should be handled in accordance with the requirements of the hospital or environmental protection department.
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