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【Celebrate Parents' Love】Package 9

Give the gift of self-care and relaxation to your parents, allowing them to unwind, recharge, and indulge in moments of tranquility. With our Health & Wellness Packages, you're not just gifting an experience – you're giving the gift of well-being and gratitude.

Package 9 includes:

1 x ToxOut (15's)

1 x HERBY Natural Red Grapes & Black Dates Vinegar (400 ml)

RM 167.50

ToxOut (15's)

ToxOut is one of the best selling health drinks in Malaysia and apart from its powerful detoxifying properties, gentle on the digestive system and has sufficient dietary fibres in each sachet to help restore lost bowel movement.

Each ToxOut sachet contains dietary fibres equivalent to 4 bowls of lettuce!
ToxOut contains Oil Palm Tree Fibre and Spirulina, which is unique in the market. Its natural state helps you absorb sufficient fibre more efficiently to maintain better colon health.

Apple Pectin, Oligosaccharides, Oil Palm Fibre, Spirulina, Oat Bran Powder, Wheat Powder, Lemon Powder, Fruits & Vegetables Powder.

Take 1 - 2 sachet of ToxOut every day, 15 minutes before breakfast or 1 hour after dinner.

Add a sachet of ToxOut into a shaker with 180ml drinking water. Shake well and drink immediately. (Do not use hot water).

Avoid exposing ToxOut under direct sunlight. Keep in a cool and dry place, not exceeding 40°c

*After consuming ToxOut, the effect may vary from person to person.

HERBY Natural Red Grapes & Black Dates Vinegar (400 ml)

Herby Red Grapes & Black Dates Vinegar is naturally fermented. It helps to enhance a balanced diet and strengthen the body.

Organic Brown Rice, Red Grapes, Black Dates, Yeast, Fructose.

This product is naturally brewed, there will be retention of partial fruit pulp and fibre. When kept for a long period of time, sediments can be found, this is a natural phenomenon, please shake well before use.

Suggested Serving:
Dilute with water at an 8:1 ratio or mix according to personal preference. Please store in a cool environment or refrigerator.

Product of Taiwan
Organic Rice (Taiwan)

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