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HEALTH FLOWER Tianqi Tianma Shouwu Shampoo (250ml)

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‘Tianqi Tianma Shouwu Shampoo' is manufactured using modern scientic method. The ingredidents of this shampoo contain the extract of notoginseng (Tianqi) Polygonum(Shouwu) & Gastrodia (Tianma which are valuable Chinese herbs. Besides cleaning up your hair, this conditioning shampoo also helps to release one's vertigo, hair cuticle damage & irritation itching & dandruff. Through thorough cleaning with this medicinal shampoo, its ingredients get directly to your hair root & work out effectively. This your hair will restore natural beauty balance, gloriously shiny, gentle. In addition, it can prevent hair lossing & promote hair growing.

Sodiumsulfate (AES), Fatty acid, Extracts notogi alkanol Amide(CDE)nseng, Polygonum, gastrodia, Perfume, Jugari, Purified water.

Apply 6-8ml of 'Tianqi Tianma Shouwu Shampoo' rub hair gently once or twice. Rinse with clean water

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