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PURSUE Yue Se Yi Xiang - Qing Xiang Tuo Cha (Raw) (500g)

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Yue Se Yixiang Chenxiang Qizi Tea is made from the large-leaf sun-dried green hair tea in Simao, Yunnan Province, with moderate fermentation. The tea cake is well-shaped with a very uniform thickness; the elasticity is moderate; the tea is bright red; the aroma is pure with a mellow taste. It has a sweet lingering taste and leaving the tea bottom red and bright. 

Raw materials:
Yunnan Dayezhong Sun-dried Green Tea

Direction of use:
3g tea/time: 150ml water (according to personal preference, increase according to this proportion)

Storage conditions:
Clean, ventilate, avoid being exposed to light, dry, and odourless

Brewing method:
1. Take a proper amount of tea and put it into the teapot.
2. Brew with boiling water.
3. After the first flush, immediately pour out the tea.
4. You can drink the tea after the second brewing.

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