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HAI-O Royal Bird’s Nest (Concentrate) (250g)

Regular consumption of bird's nest helps cellular growth, prevents ageing and general weakness. Bird's nest is also known for a legendary effect in promoting youthfulness and beauty.

RM 468.00

Bird’s nest is a mixture of the slaver of swiftlet or walet (collocalia) of the apodidae family with fine feathers and others substances. It contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, vitamin B, and other unique amino acids and fatty acids.
Bird’s nest contains rich protein, a special growth factor for the epidermis, and an ingredients which helps cellular division. These ingredients help stimulate cellular growth and multiplication, benefiting tissue growth and cell renewal. Hence regular consumption of bird’s nest helps cellular growth, prevents ageing and general weakness, and confirms the bird’s nest legendary effects in promoting youthfulness and beauty.

Swiftlet Bird’s nest, rock sugar solution
Special Features:
Ample bird’s nest contents, tasty and smooth. Contains no artificial colourings, preservative or food stablizier.

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