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Autumn Tea – Tieguanyin is divided into spring tea, autumn tea, summer tea, summer tea and winter tea according to the different climates of spring, summer, autumn and winter. “Chunshuiqiuxiang” refers to spring tea and autumn tea. Spring tea focuses on the taste of tea, and autumn tea Pay attention to aroma, each has its own characteristics. But in terms of tea quality, autumn tea is the best of the year.

Tieguanyin autumn tea refers to the Tieguanyin tea that is picked from September to October every year, which tastes more fragrant than other seasons.

The weather for picking autumn tea is the best, and autumn is high and airy. Therefore, good tea doubles out. The same process, for spring tea, autumn tea makes it much easier to make good tea. After autumn tea is added, winter will enter. More suitable for tea, not easy to deteriorate.

秋茶 – 铁观音根据春夏秋冬四季气候的不同,分为春茶、秋茶、暑茶、夏茶和冬茶,“春水秋香”指的就是春茶和秋茶,春茶注重茶水的口感,秋茶注重香气,各有特色。但是就茶质来说,秋茶是一年之中最好的。



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