Hai-O Huang Jing Gui Tea (200g)


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Huang Jing Gui tea is originally produced in Luoyan Village, Huqiu, Anxi. It is another best oolong tea with a different style from Tieguanyin. Among the existing varieties of Oolong tea, it is the earliest sprouting. The produced Oolong tea has a particularly high aroma, so it is called “Qingming Tea” and “Tour Tianxiang” in the production area, and has the reputation of “One morning and two strange”.

Huang Jing Gui tea is an oolong tea made from the tender shoots of the yellow dan variety of tea trees. It is named Golden Osmanthus because of its golden-yellow color and fragrant osmanthus. The leaves are oval, the tip is small, the leaves are thin, the germination rate is high, the buds are dense, and the young buds are yellow-green and few.



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