Luzhou Laojiao Te Qu


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Product Introduction

Luzhou Laojiao • Tequ is the hit product of Luzhou Laojiao company, which earns a reputation of four-hundred-year-old cellar fragrance and goes forward over ninety years; the former of that was the first company that won gold medal of “three -hundred-year Laojiao Daqu” in the Expo of Panama in 1915; in 1952, it was awarded as “the four oldest liquors ” in China, with Moutai, Fenjiu and Xifeng, in the Chinese First Liquor Fair, which was identified as the typical representative of flavor liquor.

Packing characteristics

The brewing technique, characteristics of the flavor, style, all become the production standards and inspection standards of the flavor liquor, which also calls the Luzhou flavor. It is the only flavor liquor titled five consecutive “national famous liquor” and gains the title of “the originator and distinguished leader of strong aromatic hard liquor.”

Alcohol : 52%

Additional Information

Weight 2000 g

500ml / Bottle

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