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Pure natural honey without any additives containing more enzymes, in addition to promoting the body & cell metabolism, other sugar products do not have special features, and the rest of the ingredients include trace elements and Such as protein, high nutritional value, 10 times higher than other honey. Silver honey contains 16 amino acids (Asid Amino), glucose, vitamins (A / B / C / D / E), bio flavones (Bioflavanoid) and minerals.

The medical use of silver honey includes diabetes, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, uric acid, arthralgia, anti-aging, stones, help digestion, beauty care, female postpartum health care, restore internal injuries and enhance metabolism. Nutrition and high medical use, compared to the general row of bees (big bees) of honey, based on the bee of the honey is very high sugar, will gradually become raise; the body cells, so only silver honey has anti-cancer function. Taste sweet with sour According to the traditional concept of many people, usually just talk about honey will think of sweet; but the silver honey is not the same, beekeepers do not call it honey, but called the enzyme, but The best natural enzyme. Honey is a natural health care products, beauty of women beauty is good, honey, the most direct way to eat is washed into honey water, let us look at the following honey, the magic of water effect it US Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Center experts found that honey can prevent middle-aged women due to calcium loss caused by osteoporosis, it is because the honey in the boron can increase the activity of estrogen to prevent the loss of calcium.

Drink 1 spoon before breakfast and before bed .

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