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The Coconut Oil has been recognised as health oil in the past 4,000 years. Today , modern research has also found the natural nutrimental value in the coconut oil which brings many health benefits.
Our VCO was being extracted in a very unique precess technique – “COLD PRESS” in order to maintain the unique properties and goodness of coconut oil. Our ideal is always wanted to delivery out product to you in form of “NATURAL” and hope that you can enjoy and benefit from “The Wonder of Natural”.
* Add into yogurt , smoothie or juice
* Blend into coffee or tea replace with sugar
* Toss with rice / fried rice / pasta
* Salad dressing
* Eat it by spoonful
* Spread with toast bread
* Apply on body skin & nails
* Apply as cuticle care & treatment
* Apply on hair & massage the hair
* Add massage oil & shaving balm
The Benefits for VCO
* Increase mummy’s breast milk production
* Increase growth rate of baby who nursed by VCO fed mummy.
* Help prevent bacteria , viral and fungal infection.
* Protect Infection of diseases such as flu , cold and etc by building the immune system.
* Improve Alzheimer’s diseases , Parkinson’s , Autism and other Neurological disorder.
* Improve Cholesterol Profile.
* Boost Energy.
* Help the body lose weight.
* Improve digestion & nutrient absorption.
* Moisturizes Skin & give shine to Hair.
* Reduce skin irritation such as eczema.
* Relieve skin burn wound.

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