Chang Yu Ice Wine


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Golden Icewine Valley Changyu Icewine The amount of grapes needed to make icewine is 4 times that of other wines. It is highly concentrated and rich in nutrients.

To make icewine, the environment is extremely important. The area surrounding Huanlong Lake in Liaoning Provice is globally recognized by experts as the “Golden Icewine Valley” because it is one of the rarest places in the world which has an ideal environment to grow icewine grapes. During winter times, the temperature at Golden Icewine Valley can reach a low -8°C, and it can last more than 24 hours and with the rich soil it is very suitable to grow icewine grapes. This also makes the production of icewine possible every year.

The white wine grapes growing at Chateau Changyu Golden Icewine Valley are Vidal grapes, it was introduced by Aurora, a Canadian wine company in 2001 It is best known for its hardiness which makes it one of the best grapes to produce icewine Changyu Icewine is made from pure Vidal grapes. Brewing every drop of icewine that is as precious and rare as diamonds Come taste the sentiment of exquisiteness…

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